Era of Mages Screenshots:

Please note that the graphics you see in the older screenshots are not part of Era of Mages. They are in fact images from Blizzard's Warcraft and they're only used by the developers to verify the rendering engine's functionality. All these images will be replaced by new unique images developed for Era of Mages, which are currently in production.

2002-03-11 shot12.png The latest shot from the current frozen state
2002-02-16 shot11.png This screenshot shows the two types of FoW in action
2002-02-10 shot10.png Brand-new OpenGL renderer in action showing off some new graphics. (of which some are still temporary!)
2001-12-22 shot9.png Showing many outposts created with the outpost spell and the new (temporary) mousecursor
2001-11-18 shot8.png Showing an outpost and the unit command buttons (well at least the placeholders :)
2001-11-03 shot7.png This is a typical border scene. See how the terrainers take care of a dynamic and steadily changing border.
2001-09-27 shot6.png The first client interaction! An (almost) real chat in the outer lobby!
2001-09-26 shot5.png A stress test with *many* archers (check out the minimap!) and some group selection
2001-09-26 shot4.png Sample scene showing a flying unit, a selected archer and the new minimap
2001-09-26 shot3.png Small scene created with a minimalistic development-only map editor
2001-09-26 shot2.png Sample scene with a cut mine and archer to show the rendering engine's capability
2001-09-26 shot1.png Simple viewport with mine, archer and trees